Are you found in Christ?

Besides being locked up in Communist State Victoriastan, we have also recently endured extremely low temperatures, severe biting winds and falling debris everywhere. The state is a literal, spiritual, and economic mess!

So this morning when I received a text re: a power outage at the kids’ school, deeply suppressed feelings of fear and panic floated to the surface. My mind leapt forward to apocalyptic end time movies wherein people are storming their local grocery stores, raiding them for supplies, and I saw myself without power, heat or any form of communication, looking very small, and feeling truly vulnerable.

In that same moment, a text came in from my pastor re: tonight’s Bible Study. Naturally, I shared my fears and proceeded to interrogate him as to whether the Church had a plan for a time where there will be fuel shortages and power outages, making it impossible for us to fellowship. I don’t know any people of faith neighboring me, my church is all over the world. I suggested it might be worth investing in bikes as another means of travel for when that time ever arrived. “We need a plan!” I messaged desperately.

This was sent in response.
1 John 5:4 “For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world-our faith.” Amazing how God’s word is always a calming voice, alleviating all fears.

At the end of everything, all we have is our Faith and Jesus or faith in Christ. Are you in the faith?
Praise and worship in times of angst and fear, allow God to take you to that higher place and FEAR NOT.

He is coming soon. Maranatha.

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