Melbourne Freedom Day Rally, 2021.

I attended Melbourne’s very first freedom day held on Mother’s Day at the start of our first lockdown back in 2020. Approximately a hundred people were present, compared to what seemed like a thousand police officers. It was highly intimidating, my daughters were petrified and worried we would be arrested, as so many were being dragged away by up to ten officers per dissenter. Today’s rally however, was remarkably different, it was truly a sight to behold as thousands gathered en masse in the centre of Melbourne to march against ungodly Covid mandates inflicted upon us by our treacherous government.

It started at Lonsdale St. and as the crowd grew and flags flew, an almost equal number of Victoria Police stood ready, encompassing about cries of freedom, laughter and unity. But nothing was going to stop the people today, there were too many of us. Melbourne came to life as the streets once again became the cosmopolitan, melting pot for which it was once famously renowned. Things felt “normal” again, we could have been at a Moomba Parade cheering on the floats or at a Grand Final Parade, it was oddly nostalgic. Though beneath the jovial facade was the sense that things were far from okay, we knew this was not a parade and we lamented the life we once took for granted. In amongst the crowd, rising above the noise was Hope, an Evangelist, a voice crying in the wilderness, Jesus.

Pray for Melbourne, pray for those who fear death, and “pray for those who rule over us, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Tim 2:1-4). At the same time, resist ungodly diktats according to convictions given you by the Holy Spirit, and submit, but do not obey (Right Minds).

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