Lockdown Hypocrisies.

  1. You told us to stay home for 2 weeks to ‘flatten the curve’. And so we did what you asked and 18 months later we are still locked in our homes.
  2. You kept brothels open but closed churches.
  3. You tell us you are “following the science” whilst subjecting us to arbitrary restrictions with zero basis in science.
  4. You said “we’re all in this together” while we lost our jobs and you got pay rises.
  5. You made us quarantine in small hotel rooms while making special rules for Hollywood stars.
  6. You keep Australian citizens from returning home while allowing Caitlyn Jenner into the country to film Big Brother.
  7. You refuse individuals the ability to visit relatives interstate but give special exemptions to entire football teams.
  8. You tell us that masks are unsafe, then change your mind and punish people who don’t wear masks.
  9. You tell us AZ is unsafe for under 60s, then only unsafe for under 50s and now urge us all to get it, sneering at us if we hesitate to follow your ever-changing advice.
  10. You said we can’t go overseas but that you simply must go overseas to pitch for the Olympics.
  11. And now, of course, you tell us that last year’s BLM march was safe but that our protest for freedom is a super spreader.

Author Unknown.

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