Pilate: Your ambition is noticed. Where do you think it will lead? Clavius: Rome. Pilate: And? Clavius: Position. Power. Pilate: Which brings? Clavius: Wealth. A good family. Someday a place in the country. Pilate: Where you’ll find? Clavius: An end to travail. A day without death. Peace. Pilate: All that for peace. Is there no other way?

By far, Risen is the best movie ever made on Jesus’ death and resurrection told through the eyes of pagan soldier, Clavius. With startling accuracy we watch his journey following Jesus’ crucifixion as he evolves from obedient Roman pagan to Christian Übermensch. Clavius is about to find out there is another way which leads to peace.

No different to today’s political oligarchy, Risen exposes man’s fear and deceitful suppression of truth. The collaboration between Pagan Empire and hypocritical religious leaders, their lies surrounding Jesus’ empty tomb, and persecution of His disciples, culminate in a pagan soldier’s discovery of truth.

Clavius discovers “a day without death” requires a daily dying to self and a peace in Christ no other can give. Personally, I couldn’t help but love Clavius’ character from the beginning. His bravery, integrity and desire for truth was apparent in the way he served Rome. Played by Joseph Fiennes made him also easy on the eyes, but I digress.

Clavius’ transformation from pagan to believer in Christ was beautiful to behold. But I’m a glutton for Christlike transformations, likely why I find myself associating with the most unlikely people. My hope for all, no matter how lost or broken they seem, is that they find life in Christ.

Add this movie to your list!


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